Notts Nibblers Rodent Rescue has now sadly closed.
Notts Nibblers Ran between May 2014 and November 2019 and cared for, rehabilitated and rehomed over 850 rabbits and rodents in that time.
Rescue back up is in place still for all adopted nibblers. Please email for rescue back up.
The rescue was run on vegan ethics and was established after a great need was observed for a rescue specialising in rodents in Nottingham.
We encourage everyone to adopt and not breed or buy animals, as rescues are always at maximum capacity. 


Final group of bunnies really want to find their new home:

FOR ADOPTION: Spencer, Daphne, Bella & Jasmine.

Due to no fault of their own this quad of buns are now back up for adoption. They are the last Nibblers looking for homes, and we are praying that we can find them a large and loving home as a group of 4.

After originally coming into the rescue in April overweight and with runny bottoms, after being put onto a high fibre diet they all made a great improvement, and now the only bun who needs a little monitoring is Jasmine.

They had been reserved, but unfortunately due to a change in circumstance that fell through. We are really hopeful that someone with a large aviary and shed set up will come forward to adopt them as a group of 4, as they love each other a lot.

Bella and Daphne are around 4 and Jasmine and Spencer are around 2. All are neutered and fully vaccinated. They are a very friendly and placid group, who are easy to pick up and check over.

Please do get in touch, by sending an email to if you think that you can offer this group their forever home.


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Some of our rescued Nibblers:

Love animals? Go vegan!

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